Overcrowding is an issue…

There you go, all back to normal

With the traditional name restored (though I was growing fond of the new one, to tell you the truth) it’s time to post again. I’ve been having a good few days really, and having productive feelings that I’m actually getting work done. Maths, English and History coursework had already been completed and finalised before Easter, while on Thursday we’re finally starting to write our Individual Assignment for History under controlled conditions, which means it’ll be done by next week. Which leaves only one unit of History for the June exams – Cold War – and I feel quite prepared and happy about that really. We had a mock on Monday morning which felt right, though I guess I shouldn’t comment until I’ve seen the results

Physics needs a bit of loving care and attention, to be honest, and the idea that we’re doing a practical exam next month would be horrific if I had the time to stop and consider it. As it is, I hope that with a bit of revision I’ll scrape something reasonable from this course! My priority is really shifting to English, to be honest, since we have exams on War Literature, Blake and Hamlet which all needs to be revised with quotations learnt and exams practised etc etc. But there’s time, there’s time.

Jeez, congratulations if you’re still reading: that must have been mind-achingly dull to sludge through. As a reward, have a look at this rather wonderful example of London-centric thinking we discovered on one of the displays at school:

Overcrowding is an issue…

Overcrowding is an issue…

It turns out that the population of the United Kingdom is 60,441,457 while London claims the glory of the most populated city with 60,441,457 residents exactly. So what are we wasting time on the other regions for then?

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There you go, all back to normal

  1. Saoirse says:

    Never mind that. Why does David Beckham come before Shakespeare on the list of Famous Pepole?

    Not to say that Shakespeare is any better than David Beckham…

    He’s just slightly more famous.

    (Shakespeare’s better)

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Much, much better

    Oh and you need a Gravatar

  3. Saoirse says:

    I like the question mark better. If I get a Gravatar, it’ll be the question mark symbol.

  4. Emily says:

    it’s because Saoirse conforms.

  5. Red Dalek says:

    Emily you need a gravatar too

  6. Emily says:

    Beautifullll innit.

  7. Saoirse says:

    Hey, if Emily’s doing it…

  8. Red Dalek says:


    (You’re not supposed to comment so many times on your own post )

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