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I hope you’re as excited as I am to introduce this blog’s new name – Da Spittings ov DALEK RED! I feel it successfully communicates the site’s energy and youth-appeal much more than our old name, and I’m sure you agree*.

In other news, I should post about The Lives of Others which I saw on Friday night. It’s a German film set in 1984 (no co-incidence there) about an agent of the Stasi, the secret police of East Germany during the communist regime. Purely in terms of film-making, the style and pace was certainly different to a Hollywood film which made it interesting to experience, but the story gripped me too. Not always in a terribly comforting way though: at some points I was secretly urging the Stasi agent to turn someone in! A worrying sign of accepting authority there

Another worrying sign is how I’m rather falling apart at the moment. My cold is still with me, though I think the tides of sneezing and coughing are going out, but I woke up at 5 yesterday with conjunctivitis and have a tiny patch of dermatitis on my hand. Signs of stress? Well pretty stupid signs of stress, if I’m perfectly honest. How is making me ill supposed to help, body? You think that’s going to de-stress me? I was fine beforehand! Jeez, I think I should start up a new emo subculture: “I’m so misunderstood (by my immune system)”.

*As you may have guessed, Da Spittings ov DALEK RED will not be an entirely permanent arrangement It started off from a discussion about Coco Pops, and that brief foray into being renamed Choco Krispies in 1998, with seemingly disastrous consequences. Or maybe it was all a carefully planned marketing stunt? Anyway – no need to kick up a fuss – I’m sure I’ll have a change of heart soon

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Yo peeps

  1. Stress is supposed to stop you from doing stuff so you don’t get any more stressed. Isn’t it?

    It doesn’t take deadlines, and the fact that most stuff that stresses us *has* to be done, into account.

  2. Lucy says:

    Haha yay, you did it

    I O U

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