World Exclusive: Dominic’s relationship with lie-in ‘to come to an end’

“Over the past week I’ve meet up with all four of my Holy Quadrinity (look, the word exists now) of Birmingham \ technically-Worcestershire people. Andy came to stay, then I went back up with him to stay with Lucy, with the trip also including early-morning hot chocolate with Nic and a chat on the Lickey Hills with Josie and her bloke. (I like saying ‘and her bloke’, but I’m not trying to imply anything blokeish or otherwise about him. It’s just to avoid saying ‘Andy’ again and getting people all confused, really.)”

Excerpt from Babble e-mail blog preview

And so it was, basically. I’ve really enjoyed my Easter holiday! It threw up some fun and surreal situations, like having Ms Hook sitting on my bed acting as Edgar’s mum for a film whereby Holly plays a wounded immigrant living in an alleyway and the subject of his affections. While Andy and I watched from Tasha’s staircase with the rest of my family, enjoying it all. How downright weird is that?

Not to mention that on the train to Birmingham I ended up having a good old media chat with the guy sitting opposite me, who’d spent most of the journey pitching programme ideas to his boss. That’s downright cool, but only because I’m a media geek who enjoys talking about the long-term sustainability of Teacher’s TV without yawning.

Oh, and on the final day of the holidays we had a traditional big family get-together meal in a rather swanky hotel. (Well, swanky for my tastes. But then Andy and I managed to dine at McDonald’s a few minutes after leaving the British Museum, so I guess that might not count for much.) Which was great, since we don’t seem to have many Big Family Divisions (TM) at the moment! I actually felt a burst of pride at being the only household to have used public transport to get there, too

Right, back to school. My final full half-term of lessons. Oh that’s downright scary

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World Exclusive: Dominic’s relationship with lie-in ‘to come to an end’

  1. Emiiiily says:

    I commented to make it look like you get comments

  2. Wrxiel Emuald says:

    oh wow!!! u like teachers tv as well…. i mean o my dazeeeee i watch dat like alll da time….. its so cool. my favourite episode was when they showed how the interactive white boards worked,…… wow we both have so much in common me n u dominic…….. wow !

  3. Red Dalek says:

    See Emily! Your cynicism is utterly misplaced, just look at that fetchingly genuine comment there.

    Comment Of The Year

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