I just met the Demon Headmaster

Just back from seeing Called to Account at the Tricycle, a dramatisation of a hypothetical hearing against “Anthony Charles Lynton Blair for the crime of aggression against Iraq”.

Yet despite being very good and everything, it has now completely gone from my mind because… I just met the Demon Headmaster!



Message for Katie

Message for Katie

I recognised Terrence Hardiman during the play, and Tasha and I ambushed him a bit afterwards. And yes, it’s all very embarrassing and childish – but there was absolutely no way we could resist. Mum was also quick-thinking enough to get a little note for Katie to prevent any sibling squabbling which was cool.

So all in all, a rather brilliant tactic on behalf of the New Labour spin machine: wheel out the Demon Headmaster and suddenly we don’t give a damn about the war anymore

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13 Comments on :
I just met the Demon Headmaster

  1. Katie Self says:

    my eyelids are so heavy
    so heavy…

  2. Tasha says:


  3. Andy Kings says:


    I am jealous.


  4. Lucy says:

    Hee hee you look posh there.

    And I don’t think I ever properly watched the Demon Headmaster. Was it a book at any time? I think I might have read it.

  5. Red Dalek says:

    It was a series of books originally but the TV show rocked socks

  6. Saoirse (And Sophia.) says:

    Says Sophia: "Does Tasha go to a Saturday drama school at the London School of Speech and Drama?! Because I soo recognise her!!!"

    Says Saoirse: "I’ll comment saying that."

  7. Red Dalek says:

    (Hi girls)

    Yes she does

  8. Saoirse. (And Sophia.) says:

    That was a fast reply.

  9. Emily/Venice says:

    you look all posh and funny
    with your jumper on your shoulders.
    Like you just came back from playing polo or something.

  10. tasha says:

    I just saw him again! What a stalker

    ps wow its sophia! hi!!

  11. Sophia says:

    :p Hello.

    Ooh you remember me I feel special.

  12. Andy Kings says:

    Aristocratic boof.

  13. (Unkown) says:

    So cool

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