QPCS Uniform

Parallel Universe

QPCS Uniform

QPCS Uniform

This never happened.

But what if it had?

(Anyone got any old spare Waseley uniforms for comparison? )

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Parallel Universe

  1. Andy Kings says:



    That’s not a uniform, don’t lie to yourself. That’s a tracksuit.

  2. Lucy says:

    Oml she’s hot.

    I’m still rather miffed this is up btw!

  3. nic says:

    ye, tracksuit. bloody londoners.

  4. tasha says:

    LOL! You’re so lucky you didn’t suffer 5 years of that.

  5. Tell me you didn’t keep it for two years! It’s Tasha’s?

    Can I just point out that Lucy isn’t in fact wearing the correct uniform; she isn’t wearing jeans underneath. For shame.

    Also, if you end up in a Waseley uniform and post the picture here you will create a parallel vortex/black whole/time tunnel/rip in the fabric of space, time and the universe – I will expect the picture on *her* blog.

  6. Red Dalek says:

    How do you know she isn’t wearing jeans underneath?

    And yes it bloody well is mine! With a green hand-print on the back from the last day

  7. Elementary my dear Dalek! Her legs actually have shape

    Brilliant! What a convenient place to have it, considering this photo. Not the first place that sprung to my mind when I started reading that sentence though…

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