My last day

Tomorrow, Friday 8th June, is my last day at school.

Sure, I’ve got exams from 11st June to the 21st June afterwards, but tomorrow is my last day of registrations, timetables, lessons and teachers after 7 years in the same building. I don’t think I need to write anything which explains that that’s a little weird. Though it does creep up on you y’know – one day you’re there and the next you’re not.

I’ll try and take some photos, even though I’m normally quite bad at remembering to do that

Wow… even the category ‘School Life’ will have to change Oh, and did I mention I’m turning 18 on 19th June? My apprehension about this event has been softened a bit by the prospect of getting a laptop as a present though, hehe!

Ms Taylor once predicted that after I leave, this blog will suddenly become ‘uncensored’ with all sorts of interesting tales about the school. Which is probably untrue, though I’ll try and do something. Onwards into the future then…

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My last day

  1. nic says:

    ^ this …..


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    [2nd URL:]

  3. I shan’t try and read that comment. Someone tell me if I’ve missed anything?

    Whether or not your blog becomes totally uncensored, I personally will still expect to hear about the school’s secret network of underground tunnels that they only tell you about in year 12.

  4. Red Dalek says:


    It leads to Mr ^%&$’s wine stash. Bit of a drink problem, y’know him.

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