My new baby

Big Birthday Blog

My new baby

My new baby

Hello, faithful blog reader! I’m pleased to say I had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday, which I shall now blog about for your amusement and delight. The first thing to talk about is, obviously, my beautiful new laptop as seen here. Predictably, the prettiness and eye-candy of Windows Vista and Office 2007 entranced me, and I’m still admiring all the many tiny improvements from Windows XP. The new Start Menu, in particular, is a joy to use. In addition, being a laptop, everything feels so built-in and deliciously compact: a little light now signals Bluetooth is on, rather than a separate USB dongle, for example. The one thing I can’t quite get used to is a laptop mouse – I’ve always found them fiddly – and at the moment I’m using a separate USB mouse alongside which works well for me.

Check my t-shirt ;)

Check my t-shirt

But that’s not all! I also received generous bundles of money (thank you to my financial backers ) as well as some pretty awesome presents. Andy Kings got me a awesome red t-shirt with DOMINICSELF.CO.UK on, which I subsequently wore all day, including during that excellent English exam. His wrapping was also replete with many jokes of sublime wit, along with some (possibly immorally aquired) Waseley goodies! Andy, I love you.

Mm.. chocolate

Mm.. chocolate

I also love Lucy who got us tickets to see Regina Spektor. She was very worried it would clash with my holiday to Russia in early September, which would have been a bit of a sad disaster (oh, didn’t I say? Mother and I are going on holiday to Russia for a week in early September!) but very thankfully the gig is actually a few days before, so hurrah!

In the evening, we went to Pizza Express as a family to celebrate my love of pizza 18th birthday. I want the accompanying photo to firmly illustrate that I am, basically, still a child at heart: Triple Chocolate Glory for me ta! Who said only women and children liked chocolate?

Still a child at heart!

Still a child at heart!

I’ve actually got a Physics exam tomorrow (!) and then that’s my exams over and done with! Super! Cheerio for now then!

(Oh and I almost forgot: badges! I also got badges! Special thanks for those )

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14 Comments on :
Big Birthday Blog

  1. Lucy says:

    Who else who chronicle their birthday in photo form and then blog it?

    And too right I was very worried

  2. Saoirse says:

    Bithday happy, kid.

  3. Andy Kings says:

    I got mentioned before Lucy.

    Victory is mine

  4. Lucy says:

    I’m hoping it’s alphabetical, not in order of favourites. If it is the latter I’m between you and an ice cream.

    Sometimes you’ve just got to know your place.

    (My only consolation is that we’re all below the laptop, unsurprisingly)

  5. Fabio says:

    that picture looks like ur all in the ghetto, lol.

  6. fabio says:

    to clarify. i didn’t mean a jewish ghetto.

    anywayz happy B-day dom, sadly u couldnt stay a child forever

  7. Andy Kings says:

    Tee bee eff, I think if we had a league of "Dom’s Favourite Things In The World", we would come below the laptop. And the PC. And Doctor Who. And History….

    Oh, and Lucy told me you have to go to dinner 40 times a year in a gown and cap.

    To this I say….


  8. Red Dalek says:

    Fabio: We are a ghetto family! And thanks

    Andy: Nicht true! I have to go to dinner 40 times (a term!), but there’s an ‘informal’ earlier one. And I don’t think a cap is involved at any stage though the gown is uber-sexy and you would sell your first-born child just to stroke its wonderfulness.

    And please don’t make me choose between you

  9. Lucy says:

    Choose between us!

  10. Andy Kings says:

    Yeah, go on Dom. If you search deep in your soul, you will find the answer. And when you do, let her down gently

  11. Emily says:

    You beg Traf with your shirt and badgess

    I love Regina Spektor, I am very jealous.

    Oh yeahhh and happy birthday!

  12. Nathan says:

    Happy Birthdays for yesterday.

    You look like you had a great time at it; though that ice cream is pitifully small .
    What model Dell is that? Looks nice, except for the OS…

  13. Red Dalek says:

    Haha thank you! And yeah, I’d call that a starter dessert naturally

    It’s an Inspiron 9400 – not top of the range, but rather lovely nonetheless!

  14. Tash says:

    My photography. And thanks for mentioning your presents from me! Oh and happy birthday, I am officially the oldest child

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