The Most Conclusive and Memorial Exam-O-Meter!

Free at last?

The Most Conclusive and Memorial Exam-O-Meter!

The Most Conclusive and Memorial Exam-O-Meter!

This is probably the most arbitrary exam rating I’ve done of the lot: on the one hand, objectively, I probably didn’t do that well, all things considered. However, since I had pretty low expectations anyway – it’s Physics, not to mention the dreaded Synoptic unit – I actually rather enjoyed it, in a strange sort of way. I managed to show the units were homogeneous, for the very last time! And I also thought – yup, if things had gone differently, if Physics had been life-or-death for me, I could have done this ‘properly’, and that means something to me.

Anyway – exams are all over now, and I am ‘free’ of school! Though Ms Hook already wants me back to do summer school work but heh, I get paid, so it has a different ring to it

Best of luck to those with a few exams left! In fact, best of luck to everyone at any stage of school. Make the most of it and have fun…

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Free at last?

  1. Andy Kings says:

    I should sooo kick your ass for this excessive discussion of exams. But I won’t

  2. Lucy says:

    I will.

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