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Accepted Joshua’s invitation to go and see The Marcus Brigstocke Interview It’s Later Than You Think (the name had changed since the tickets were printed) with him, his mum and Robert last night. The format of the pilot Radio 4 show was to get a celebrity – in this case Phil Jupitus – to do things they’ve never tried before. So we got to see Phil having his palm read, drink Absinthe, shave an audience member’s head and enjoy some colonic irrigation (not, ur, live in the studio) amongst various other things. It was a good show and, hopefully, will get commissioned soon!

On the Tube we started discussing blogs, and I was accused of having a boyband-type blog. I dislike the implication of no substance, and prefer to call it a Top of the Pops Magazine style blog

In the same way though, Sanna is clearly writing a sensuous and award-winning novel, while Andy is a teen girl’s mag laden with quizzes.

*goes off to think about other blog personas*

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Categorising blogs

  1. Andy Kings says:

    I am the Cosmo of the Blog world. w00t.

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