Robert + hat = woo yay

Happy Birthday Robert

Robert + hat = woo yay

Robert + hat = woo yay

I don’t do this very often.

But, tomorrow – on the 14th June 2007 – Robert will be 18. Adult. Five days before me, in fact. Five days which he has delighted in telling anyone and everyone about since the beginning of time

Nevertheless, I feel I should post something moving and emotional, because Robert is really my oldest friend. (As in he’s been my friend for the longest silly, not that most of my friends are infants. Although…) And in all that time, from primary school, we have stuck together no matter what. Wait, no, that’s a lie. We have actually attacked each other, fought and generally gone to war more times than I care to remember. In fact through a very large parts of our lives I think we hated each other. But you know what? We’re boys, and boys do this weird kind of friendship thing

So happy birthday! You crazed lunatic you. Well done for bringing out my most loving blog post to date!

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Happy Birthday Robert

  1. Robert says:

    Thanks for the fucking picture. I’m never going to speak to you again you, ummmm, you weird geeky type person.

    Ok, I lied. It’s been a good(ish) time and I’m not sorry to have you as a friend.

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