Cambridge Goodies

Cambridge Goodies

I got a big, meaty, fat envelope from Cambridge the other day. The exciting kind, rather than simply bureaucratic forms, filled with all sorts of goodies and revelations which, I have to admit, left me rather excited. University life is just around the corner! Here’s what I got:

Cambridge Goodies

Cambridge Goodies

In order: a gorgeous and wonderful Freshers’ Guide written and illustrated by students in a reassuringly friendly manner (and yes, with an apostrophe in the right place – hurrah!), a scary guide to not getting killed from the Home Office, some detailed instructions about joining including ‘A Letter from the Dean’ (yes, the Dean!), a big, official-looking rulebook, IT details and instructions on fancy new e-mail addresses, another Freshers’ Guide from the union, more letters including the phrase “Dominic… son of Roger” which made me laugh, dinner tickets and a timetable for the first week. Phew! Incidentally, I also found out that the random lottery has assigned me a room in the ‘Stephen Hawking’ building. It has higher rent, but it’s almost brand new and with en-suite showers in the rooms! Woo! Much nicer than Harvey Court, where most people live

Soviet Kitsch

Soviet Kitsch

Moving on, and something remarkable happened the other day: I actually bought an album. Whilst I would obviously never condone anything but the wholeheartedly legal purchase of one’s entire music collection, this especially legal purchase was of Soviet Kitsch, by Regina Spektor. Like all her stuff, it’s breathtakingly good and I absolutely can’t wait to see her live next month. If you kiss somebody then both of you’ll get practice…

Finally, I had a bit of a bumper Birmingham visit this week. Aside from being wined and dined at the local restaurant and picnicking with Andy and Lou (both lovely, thanks all!) one highlight has to be Trivial Pursuit, where Lucy and I really didn’t fare too badly against the combined wits of several adults. OK, so we lost – each time – but it was a pretty good show given that every other question managed to work in the Falklands.

(P.S. Friends – London picnic on Wednesday. Not sure where yet, expect a phone call. Be there!)

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Cambridge Goodies

  1. Andy Kings says:

    Don’t forget my Cambridge hoodie boy.

    Oh, and lolz at Stephe Hawking house. Me and Lucy were saying that when we go to university, we’ll probably be in Michael Jackson house.

    Life is one long picnic…

  2. Sounds – and looks – very exciting Dom!

    Personally, I’d like to see a blog post with any unusual rules from your book *hopes ever so anxiously that some exist…*

    Lucky on your room! What an excellent name too, and – perhaps far more importantly – what a great address to get to tell people

    "Whilst I would obviously never condone anything but the wholeheartedly legal purchase of one’s entire music collection, this *especially* legal purchase" Love it

    Also, as you know, I’ve never been too much of an RSS junkie, but having recently fallen in love with Google Reader, let me tell you that your feed really is splendid

  3. Nathan Wong says:

    Argh, Caius? My girlfriend is going there, indeed in the Stephen Hawking building. I’ll just go wallow in jealousy for a few hours.

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