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Our ulta-smart algorithm has detected that you’re looking for a blog entry. Unfortunately, Dominic is currently on holiday in Wales and is seemingly unable to provide any. How about a link to Alix Wilton Regan‘s website instead? (She’s my cousin, and the exciting launch of her website was singularly neglected from my last post. Oops!)

I’m not really up on the whole acting world but, y’know, if you happen to be an influential casting director you should phone or something. Go on, take my advice, I give it so freely!

Message to regular readers who aren’t Google PageRank: cheers for reading all that. Have a funny photo from the archive. Go on, leave a witty caption as a comment and win eternal life!*

Caption Contest!

Caption Contest!

*Eternal life provided in the metaphorical sense of being immortalised for a number of years in a comment to a blog post on a personal website. Employees of and their families are excluded. This does not affect your religious rites.

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