Hallowed gig ticket

My first gig

Hallowed gig ticket

Hallowed gig ticket

To be honest, I didn’t really expect Regina Spektor to be anything other than amazing live, and she didn’t disappoint. Lucy’s birthday present to me was also my first gig, excluding classical concerts (What? Don’t look at me like that, I’ve been to more Doctor Who Exhibitions than the lot of you put together…) So I had a great time, and felt compelled to buy a t-shirt, though decided the traditional black concert t-shirts didn’t quite do it for me, so got a possibly-meant-for-girls one in large size and have been busy stretching it out ever since hurrah! For those of you wondering, the support act was.. urm.. a Canadian man playing a ukulele* and no, I don’t have a favourite song – because they’re all so good – but Better is the one that sticks in my head at the moment.

I’m off on holiday to Russia for a week with mother tomorrow, so forgive a bit of a scattergun post. First up: Tasha got A*s and As in the first of her GCSE TripSci** results – congratulations! Meanwhile, Katie has drawn Mr Moore as one of her English teachers this year – Tash and I are both already big fans – so that was a lucky break for her, though I do feel for him having to teach yet another of us.

On the uni front, I’ve got an ever expanding list of things I must get done before I go. After confirming with my college father*** that it’s still the in-thing, I’ve decided I’m going to have to join Facebook, although deep down these social networks can be a drag when you want to do your own thing, on your own blog, within your own control. I’m sure I’ll still be overwhelmed with enthusiasm for it anyway I’ve also decided to get a digital camera for myself so I can take some more beautiful photos of drunken party antics etc. And thanks to all that waded in on my mobile dilemma: since I do Virgin Mobile, I’ve decided to stick with them but move to one of their SIM-only monthly plans. £15 a month for 500 texts and 100 minutes, and you can cancel at any time, and hey, I can always get a new handset for myself at some point. Y’know, on my wealthy student budget.

Before I dash off to the Tricycle theatre to meet Ms Hook and some American students (I think – I agreed to answer questions about education but was a bit hazy on who and what and why) I’ll leave you with this snippet from the daily BBC Newsnight e-mail which caught my eye:

General Sir Richard Dannatt suggested the army was reaching breaking point. We’re devoting all of tonight’s programme to find out whether he’s right – and to find out why, as our exclusive poll reveals, more than two thirds of us would be unhappy for our son or daughter to join the army.

Golly, I just can’t imagine

* possibly a guitar
** Triple Science. You didn’t know?
*** Everyone gets older students as a mother and a father. It’s cute!

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My first gig

  1. Andy Kings says:

    Ha, you bought a girls t-shirt.

  2. Andy Kings says:

    Oh, and I can’t find you on facebook. n00bzoid.xx

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