My room!

So Stephen Hawking came to dinner tonight…

There were whispers, and Joe nudged me to turn around, and it was true: Stephen Hawking had just entered the hall, and went to eat at the high table a few metres away from where I was eating.

Just thought I’d kick off with that

Cambridge is amazing, obviously. It’s also hectically busy – my desk (see below) is already lost underneath paper, there’s a multitude of events running seemingly at the same time, and everyone’s trying to remember as many names and faces as they can. We’ve already had a bop! My room really is luxurious for student halls, with en suite bathroom with shower and a lovely large modern desk to work at. Although my laptop does now have Internet access, the intensity of the first few weeks probably won’t allow for much idle usage! However, here’s a quick photo of a bit of my room

My room!

My room!

Because it’s all brand-spankingly new and modern, our university card also acts as a key to our rooms, which also means it’s inevitable you will accidentally lock yourself out at one point. I already have.

Proper lectures kick off on Thursday, though I have supervision tomorrow where I’ll get set an essay for next week, and today we got given stacks of reading lists. Interestingly, us History students seem to be grouping together quite a bit.. the lovely group of people that we are

Must dash! Love to all of you (especially you, and you, and youuu)

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3 Comments on :
So Stephen Hawking came to dinner tonight…

  1. Saoirse says:

    You have four books?! Or five…? Six?

    In any case, that’s too few, by several hundred.

  2. Andy says:

    Glad you got my email

    I am actually jealous that you met someone who’d been in the Simpsons. A true legend.

    That room’s a bit messy, isn’t it? Shouldn’t all your clothes be in alphabetical order??

    Miss you Dom. Change your mind and come to

  3. Nathan Wong says:

    Hmph, I couldn’t post before; your captcha was broken
    Glad you’re enjoying it there; I’m going to time a visit down there for a Tuesday evening sometime soon, just to try and see him

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