Nice architecture, right?

Quick update

Just felt like blogging a little bit after watching Heroes, something which I’ve rather failed to mention much on this blog. It’s good! Couldn’t just abandon a series halfway through, and even with P2P strictly banned that’s no reason not to indulge in a little creative laptop viewing now and again…

So I’m busy, obviously. If you’re e-mailing, texting, Facebooking or whatever, sorry for not being able to get back to you as quickly as I should, but all contact with ‘the rest of the world’ is much appreciated!

Went to the big Freshers’ Fair today, and did the traditional studenty act of signing up for loads of completely unmanageable things, from Amnesty, to the Labour Party, to rambling. Before you scoff at the Labour party, I felt it was an elegant compromise between the Tory stall handing out (admittedly funky) Boris posters and the SWP \ Respect bunch who optimistically tried to tell me how they weren’t just the Galloway fan club. Never forgiven that man

Aside from that, I’ve pretty much been (gasp!) working! Yup that’s right.. Cambridge has a fairly loose definition of a ‘Freshers’ Week’ and in my supervision yesterday I was set an essay to do for Monday afternoon complete with a mammoth reading list. That, aside from the lectures which begin tomorrow (Cambridge lecture weeks start on a Thursday.. don’t ask..) will be taking up rather a lot of time! However, the topic is really fascinating on who ‘spoke for the people’ between the 1880s and WW1, so I’m enjoying the work.

I’ll leave you with an uber-stereotypical photo of Cambridge of no real relevance to me other than the fact that I walk past it several times a day and find it slightly surreal that I actually live around here now. Cheerio!

Nice architecture, right?

Nice architecture, right?

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Quick update

  1. Emily says:

    our newsletter today had a picture of Precious with the caption

    "Promise achieved 3 As and 1 B to secure her place at Cambridge. Dominic Self (not pictured) also attained 3 As and a B and will be taking up a place in Cambridge to study history"

    Just thought you’d like to see how much the school misses you

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Haha, glad I’m not pictured though retain that mysterious air…

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