Enterprise Skilz

Enterprise Skillz

I’m taking a break from reading about the tabloid press in 1992 – because it’s deeply depressing me – to react with amusement at the latest issue Queens Park News. Yes, I am still the happy recipient of these school missives, and I have to say I do honestly think this is one of the better designed bits of communication in recent years:

Enterprise Skilz

Enterprise Skilz

What Saoirse would make of this I dread to think, I really do. However, it is a good question – just how far am I taking my ‘enterprise skills’ after leaving school? Let’s see now…

A ‘Can Do’ Attitude – very much so. I could get up this morning (eventually), even though my bed was comfortable and warm.

Leadership – bit of a let-down on that front today I’m afraid. But there’s still many hours of the day left to go, so I’ll endeavour to find some people to lead.

Team Work – afraid this has also been a bit lacking today: I’m starting to feel a bit of a failure actually.

Respect for Evidence – aha, yes! Now here we go – by reading and carefully making notes from so many books and articles, I think I am demonstrating the most steadfast respect.

The Ability to Plan – before I went to the library, I planned which books I would take out and where to get this from. Box ticked.

Responsibility – absolutely. After cutting my cheese sandwich in slices, I carefully placed the sharp knife back in the cupboard rather than waving it around like a demented madman.

Innovation – I visited the Social and Political Sciences library even though I don’t do SPS! Top innovation marks there.

Organisation – my spider diagrams are actually a thing of beauty.

Managing Risk – I took the decision to grill a croissant this morning, even though this does involve a small risk of fire and eventual death. I managed this risk by staying in the gyp room at all times during this cooking activity, and did not play with any matches.

Identifying Threats to Success – these are: rich tea biscuits, Facebook, blogging and e-mails. I have identified them all a great deal today.

Design & Making – I did resize the jpg? Does that count?

Thinking & Learning – why, of course! Witness all the stuff I’ve learnt about the tabloids during 1992.

Open-mindedness – urgh, please don’t use this word with me, it reminds me of religious apologetics. Guess I wasn’t very open-minded there, sorry.

Ambition – I have a burning ambition to do more work today – it’s positively fiery.

Team Work – you’ve actually already asked this, please don’t raise it again just to make me feel worse.

Self-reliance – oml that is so much more like it. I made myself tea when I was getting thirsty for tea.

Commitment – I think all the working demonstrates this in spades, thank you.

Personal Effectiveness – limited. In the ‘personal’ realm, I have neglected to either wash or have my hair cut today.

Team Working – oooh you’re mean.

Pragmatism – it’s unrealistic to expect me to resist eating all the rich tea biscuits, so I won’t set such an unreasonable challenge.

Managing Change – not much change has really taken place that I could manage today, I have to say.

Key Skills in English, Maths & ICT – bingo! Well, ur, not sure about the Maths actually. In fact, have I actually used Maths at all?

Decision Making – I’ll leave the rest of the world to judge whether this blog has been a sensible decision made, but at least it was a decision made.

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Enterprise Skillz

  1. Lucy says:

    Dom. You e-mailed me saying you were going to work loads and do lots of notes today…

    …Was this an exaggeration?

  2. Red Dalek says:

    I was open-minded.

  3. Lucy says:

    Are you an independent learner who is equipped for life (especially when it comes to working with partners and contributing to the community)?

  4. Andy says:

    Haha, I thought that crappy Business and Enterprise College logo was something Waseley had invented on Publisher, not a national symbol.


  5. Tash says:

    We had an assembly yesterday informing us there’s a competition to re-do the logo AND the rather long ‘independent learners, equipped for life…’
    So you’ll have to redo this blog soon.
    Also, you really shouldn’t have this much freetime at Cambridge x

  6. Saoirse says:

    That "independant learners" thing really shows how stupid the school can be.

    Also: you think this is dreadful? We’re a school sponsored by BP. I think that’s more infuriating that this by far.

  7. Lucy says:

    Oml! Like the Facebook thing!

  8. Lucy says:

    Edit: Possibly because it has me on it


  9. Red Dalek says:

    The right-hand side of my blog now brings you links to the great and the good of the Internet, a live RV Blog feed *and* Facebook. What else could you possibly need?!

  10. Lucy says:

    A bigger wall space to stick train tickets on :S It’s getting full!


    P.S. I also need a gravatar

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