A drunkard!

‘Fraud, suicide, bankruptcy and transportation for life’

I went to this exceptionally geeky talk on the history of the Tube last night. Perhaps unsurprisingly those who did show up seemed to be from North London (can’t think why… ) which means certain key words or phrases: ‘Ken Livingstone’, ‘Jubilee line’, ‘Silverlink’ get everyone nodding or shaking their heads in unison. My justification for going, by the way, was that it was my night off but after a (lovely!) pub meal together most people had to go back and answer the demands of essay writing. So what else could I do, really?

Readers of Willesden’s local press (that’s all three of you then!) might be tremendously excited to know that a photo of me in a grey hoodie – not sure if that was on message or not – might be working its way to you as part of an Access promotion for people who went on a shadowing scheme and are now volunteering to be shadowed themselves. I did note the rather uninspiring lack of ethnic diversity in the group photo, but hey, I’ve just been brought up to follow the now rather clichéd idea that these things should always be balanced. To be fair, I was also much more concerned by the terrible strain on my knees when having to crouch down in the front row of a group shot! I can’t remember if RV ever exacted such horrible cruelty on its subjects, but I hope not

Let’s liven up this rather uninteresting post with a photo of a drunkard:

A drunkard!

A drunkard!

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