The end of the beginning!

Almost done! Just need to print out my 8th and final weekly essay and hand it in this afternoon before I’m free of reading and work. I’ve got supervision tomorrow of course, tutorial and DoS meetings, and lectures until they finish on Wednesday, but I’ve still now got almost a full week until I go home on Sunday morning to wind down. Hurrah for short, intense Cambridge terms!

Something which I seem to have neglected to mention thus far is student newspapers. We have two: Varsity, and The Cambridge Student. Put simply, I prefer TCS, though that’s mainly because its editorial tone doesn’t smack of snobbishness. However, their interview with Richard La Ruina is amusing me at the minute, partly because the interviewer (Ed Cumming – the same one who annoyed me early on with his ridiculous comment pieces) seems enthralled by this ‘professional pick-up artist’ and talks about ‘girls’ in the same way one might talk about an intriguing yet rare species of wildlife. My particular favourite bit would be this:

“Given that you can get with any girl, do you have any particular type?”
“Not too specific. I like tall, slim and curvy with blue or green eyes. Latvian, Swedish and Brazilian girls all have looks that I like.”

This high life is taking is toll though: he’s “become very fussy and it is difficult to feel as emotional or excited”. Still hasn’t stopped him from “kissing hundreds” and sleeping with “about 50” women in the past 18 months though! (Question: who measures things in 18 month periods? That’s quite unnatural isn’t it? Have you ever referred to ‘the past 18 months’ of your life?)

Oh, Ed and Richard, Richard and Ed: run off together?

Anyway, I’ll get back to getting this essay handed in shall I?

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