Woah… stuff

(All property is theft, anyway)

Woah… stuff

Woah… stuff

So Sanna blogged this, and then Lucy stole from Sanna, and then Andy stole from Lucy, and now Dominic is stealing from Andy. Peace? I do think I triumph over you all though, just in terms of pure paper overload. Though I do note with a certain sadness that I have the least colour by far. Resist the temptation to allegorise, please.

What’s on my desk? In a vaguely clockwise direction from the book on the far-right:

Peter Gay’s long, long, first-of-two-volumes-sort-of-long book on the Enlightenment, wallet, gyp room cupboard key, laptop (duh), an assortment of more Enlightenment books, an open Pukka Pad, a Tube map, a return ticket from Bury St Edmunds, a Themes and Sources folder, a folder, another pad, Doctor Who Magazine wrapping, a bookmark, a bus ticket, a highlighter, a leaflet on Ragweek 2008, The Caian, an empty book token holder, Abi’s essay, Oliver’s essay, vitamin tablets, reading lists, a letter from the dentist I really should get back to, an envelope from Sanna, Media Center [sic] remote, a pile of paper which I dare not sort through in full but includes a special note, payslip, a (larger) bill, an invitation to the History Society dinner, a criminal records check, some Union stuff and an unopened letter from the blood people (phew…), another Tube map, a lamp which makes an irritating buzzing noise, todo lists, more reading lists and a book, MP3 player and headphones… and a Dalek mug on a coaster!

I blog this after just having written out my final plan for my final essay of the term. A day behind usual schedule, but hey, better than Network Rail?

Enlightenment Thought Of The Day: Écrasez l’infâme!

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(All property is theft, anyway)

  1. Andy says:

    My desk wins for random things.
    Your desk wins for amount of paper.
    Lucy’s desk wins for the nicest artwork.


    Sanna’s desk wins for being the only desk actually usable as a desk.

  2. Sanna says:

    What do you have a PAYSLIP for?? You don’t work!!! (???)
    I’m realising how Puritan and unadorned my desk is in comparison with other Earthlings of my age. Hm. But it’s incredibly ego-inflating to spark a trend

    (Saturday! I will…. text you. Never mind having been able to text you all term. You know what I mean. See ya!)

  3. Red Dalek says:

    I thought the Puritan look carried its own aesthetic charm

    And I do work! Erm, once a year. In the summer. For QPCS. For a week.

    (Oh, and yes, I look forward!)

  4. Tasha says:

    Why would you have two tube maps out when you’re not even in London? Jeez someone’s homesick

  5. Lucy says:

    You know that special note…?

  6. Abbi says:

    I don’t own a desk! Wails! And Dom, you win! When I next see you cream eggs and embraces will follow!

  7. Helen H says:

    Just wanted to say ‘Hi’- nothing to add as I don’t have a desk either.

    Actually, I’m quite sad about that.

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