Abi is engrossed by the sonic screwdriver!

Like what you’ve done with the place, London

A rather packed day today! Having woken up for my final morning of the term in Cambridge, I headed rather swiftly for Camden after arriving home to meet up with Lucy (accompanying Lou and her friends) and go on a Hampstead Heath walk, thereby reintroducing my Oyster card to the world with a satisfying flurry of activity. (Incidentally, the guy at Swiss Cottage refused to believe outright that I could now add my Young Person’s Railcard to my Oyster. But I can, and did at Willesden Green. Hurrah!)

It is truly lovely to be home, and I can now relax – ish – and enjoy a five (count ’em!) week holiday which I feel I deserve. You may not, but that’s your call. The final week at Cambridge was a gentle winding-down after I’d finished my final essay. Owen, Oliver and I went to the RAG Comedy Night, and a few days later I spent a memorable evening watching them play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ with Abi and Sharon. At points I may have slightly ruined the mood by laughing hysterically, but despite the odd feeling of being the non-geek in a room (for once!) it was more engrossing than I had expected. Much more engrossing than I had expected! Finally, on the last night Oliver and Abi stayed over in my room playing Connect 4, Jenga-or-some-identical-equivalent, cards and arm wrestling.


Abi is engrossed by the sonic screwdriver!

Abi is engrossed by the sonic screwdriver!

Justifiably proud

Justifiably proud

This has been very poorly written, and for that I apologise. But I’m tired and need a rest

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4 Comments on :
Like what you’ve done with the place, London

  1. Lucy says:

    A few things!

    1. That’s an impressive structure!
    2. Your room looks naked.
    3. Abi has beautiful hair!


  2. Abbi says:

    You’re back? We must meet up, I owe you a cream egg and some hugs!

  3. Sanna says:

    I have to admit that jealousy is outweighed by happiness at your presence in the Shire once more. When will I see you?
    Puss och kram
    Sanna <3

  4. Katie says:

    Yay, this is the preview blog!

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