First things first: I thought my mock exam this morning was as amusing poor as I predicted it would be, thanks for asking, though not in a way that makes me feel depressed. They used the past paper we suspected they’d use, so Abi and I recruited the spider diagrams we’d made together yesterday, meaning that at least we did have something to write, even if it wasn’t very good! Everyone started to laugh as we left the hall, so we’re pretty much in the same boat, and the rest of the day has had a nice ‘weight off mind’ vibe to it

I had lots of nice things in my pigeon hole to greet me afterwards, anyway, including… my postal vote! I think we should just stop and consider how marvellous this is for a second. No, not the democratic process, since it’s just an infrequently polled and statistically insignificant input, but more the fact that Brent council – Brent council! – actually got the whole thing working on time. Seriously, not a single link in the chain failed… from my ‘head of household’ putting me on the register (ta for that) to Royal Mail delivering (though they better get the next bit right too). Even more incredibly, they seem to have beaten Barnet in sending the postal votes out. Brent Time* was clearly progressing at a zippy pace for once.

Anyway, I carefully used all four of my votes – because I’m a good citizen – and sent it back. In total, I’ve managed to spread my democratic goodness across three different parties, which is just sharing the love. But that’s not all! Because also in my pigeon hole was the exciting news – via polling card – that there actually is a vote in my ward of the Cambridge City Council, which is part of the something-bigger Council, which – I had to have a website explain to me – is how the system works outside of London. But now I have the dilemma – who do I vote for? Do I vote at all? Is an ill-informed vote where I have no real interest actually worse than an absent vote? Am I really a ‘resident’ given that I’m here for less than half of the year, don’t pay any tax and barely use any local services? If you’d like to provide the answers below, I’d be much obliged.

And one final thing: as you may see, I’ve started to blog a little bit on the Peterhouse Politics Blog, which is syndicated here in a nostalgic throwback to the DomSez of old. But I’m sure you’ve all had enough of reading me already.

(*Joke with a target audience of one.)

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  1. Lucy says:

    I also sent you a letter, but you didn’t mention that. I thought I’d mention it for you.

  2. Sanna says:

    Yes, you should vote. You should always vote when you have the opportunity to (I’m feeling liberally indignant / indignantly liberal atm, at everyone who lives in a state with free democratic votes and doesn’t bother to use them. You’re going to hell, apathetic worms!). But I suggest reading up on who you’re voting for first.

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