Soaking up the serotonin

My Grand Tour of British Rail ‘National Rail’ stations has seemingly been resumed for the summer! Luckily I agree with Sanna – travelling by train is the best – so I highly enjoy it. Over the past few days I’ve been at Lucy’s, from whence we made an expedition to Worcester yesterday. (I really should have twigged before now that at the heart of every Somewhereshire is a central Somewhere, but never mind. I’m not a shire-dweller.) It was a lovely trip, and in our quest for free activities we took in the River Severn, an art gallery and Worcester Cathedral – although in this last place we spent a worrying share of time in the gift shop. Sitting alongside a book attacking Richard Dawkins was a hefty tome detailing the Church’s approach to homosexuality, with contributions from various different authors and bucketloads of scriptural quotes to feather out their chapters. I take quite a bit of pride in knowing that I could outline my entire ‘approach to homosexuality’ on the back of a napkin, although in the light of the embarrassing backwardness we’ve had to witness this week it obviously hasn’t sunk into everyone yet. Grrr!

We’ve also whiled away the hours playing the London Underground board game which Lucy got me for my birthday Bit perturbed that TfL have classified this as part of the ‘childrens’ section though! It’s clearly a very mature and advanced endeavour, despite unforgivably cropping the Tube map to the exclusion of Willesden Green.

Tomorrow I’m back on the train to Shoreham to see Joe’s motherland and take part in what promises to be a highly exciting village fête! I hope you’re ready for us, Kent…

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Soaking up the serotonin

  1. Lucy says:

    Contrary to what you may believe, I don’t just read your blogs to correct your spelling. However, this one just caught my eye and I wanted to say embarrassing as two Rs.

  2. Abbi says:

    Dominic… I hate to say thing but you are no longer a kid… you are 19…

  3. Red Dalek says:

    @Lucy – Haha, thanks now fixed! Though my spellchecker misled me…

    @Abbi – No, don’t say that I’m still a teen, see! Nine*teen*! Surely!

  4. bon says:

    Just like to remind you of your previous appearance in Worcestershire wearing green waistcoat and clutching a camera shaped liked a clown…

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