“Ah – this isn’t a good feeling. I have a week before I go back to Cambridge and so many things to do! Many of them are fun things – little, cool projects to complete – but somehow it all seems to take ages to get through and the to-do lists never shrink, even when I’m in a productive mood. Argh… hopefully tomorrow will bring better fortune with this

…Well, indeed it did. For this was how my blog was going to begin last night, before writing a blog got added to the list of things I hadn’t managed to achieve during the day. By comparison, today was masterfully productive! I still have lots of things to do, but it’s not the counsel of despair of last night and this is a Very Good Thing.

Way back last Saturday night I went to see The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas with Josh(ua), Sanna and Dom from a parallel universe. It was a rather appropriate film to see given the previous blog post, and whatever its flaws (and it did have flaws) it was the kind of film which makes enough brave choices for you not to care. Without wanting to spoil anything, I can’t remember the last time I sat through a film’s credits in sombre silence, and even after we’d left no-one really wanted to say much. So consider it recommended – through try to see it in a cinema without a loud couple who clearly weren’t affected enough by the prospect of the Holocaust to shut up.

Book Club! I love book club (although I just wrote boob club by accident, which is obviously what racier people do with their lives) even though unsynchronised summer holidays have delayed our progress a bit, and on Sunday we compromised with a book club meeting involving no books and Futurama’s The Beast with a Billion Backs instead. Which was much better than my initial impressions allowed for, actually. But tomorrow should see a proper meeting, depending on whether Saoirse really can speed through Lady Chatterley’s Lover in one night, and then that’s sadly probably it until the next round of holidays! (I do have opinions about Lady Chatterley, but I shall reserve them until after the official discussion.)

Wednesday was Lucy’s birthday (happy birthday!) and we ended up rather curiously at Warwick Castle, which contained a particularly sensitive and delicately presented exhibit on a sad tale of murder and intrigue. Well actually, it was called ‘Ghosts Alive!’ and consisted of actors jumping out and shouting at you, and I only bring up the issue of Lucy’s jumpiness for the following reasons:
(a) I have inadequate faith it will be reported in all accuracy on her own blog
(b) It led to the utter hilarity of a French man quite openly pointing, laughing, conferring with his friends and then pointing and laughing a second time. Hehe

Finally, I have to report I have finally reached the exciting milestone – with Oliver and Abi’s careful encouragement – of having watched all of the original* Star Wars films. Woo!

(*Please do not comment with something along the lines of: ‘Pah, you’ve just seen the endlessly-tinkered-about-with-versions, where somebody shot in the wrong order!’)

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  1. Lucy says:

    It wasn’t going to be reported on my blog because it was a painful and stress-inducing event. I cut my neck with the guide book in my fear!

    It was singularly the most horrible experience of my life.

  2. Abbi says:

    Welcome to the dark side..

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