Geek moment of the day

“The argument was whether you are a body or have a body…”

“And you said you are a body, right?”

“Of course. Obviously your name stands for an abstracted personality and so on, but ultimately it’s all comes down to the physical. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Well yes… I am a materialist too”

“I thought so”

“Although it is confusing when I say that, and people ask how a communist can be a materialist”

“Yeah, but those people are idiots. And I suppose that materialism is the common root our beliefs branch from…”


“High five for materialism!”

*high fives*

[Note for extreme pedants: we’re not necessarily talking materialism in the ultra-strictest sense – i.e. troubled by dark matter and quantum physics – but certainly no place for the soul. As if anyone read this and was subsequently deeply troubled by that thought… ]

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Geek moment of the day

  1. Sanna says:

    You forgot to include me lying on the grass and not listening
    Why are you blogging at 1:11:43 in the morning, anyway? You should be doing coursework.

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