Made from September’s blog posts

A wordle!

(Nicked from Bill)

Made from September’s blog posts

Made from September’s blog posts

Have a play!

I’m sorry that this is a rather derivative blog post but by way of some brief new material: happy birthday Dad! (for Thursday), Lucy’s been visiting and resting from the hectic life of a proper university and I went to an SWP meeting and watched Merlin in a single night: neither activity was my fault, but I’m not sure which is the lesser of social evils.

Oh, and Professor Tony Badger’s office is the best and filled with glorious Americana – a gold bust of Kennedy here, an American football helmet there. I love it

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A wordle!

  1. Lucy says:


  2. Red Dalek says:

    It’s a pity that even using the word SCIENCE inevitably brings up Google Ads for creationist websites. Going to one at random produced the following statement:

    "God… is looking for a decision to trust in Christ and thereafter to follow him. The actual knowledge of God follows the act."

    This reminds me very much of DFS and ‘having nothing to pay for a year!’

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