There you go, that’s my life right there

OK, just one more wordle

But only because I couldn’t resist giving it a bit more scope: this was created based on everything that I’ve ever blogged, ever. And this means going back to April 2004, so hooray for storing blogs as databases!

There you go, that’s my life right there

There you go, that’s my life right there

I think the conclusion is obvious: this is a blog about now. Which is not surprising, really. [Note – some of the entries are a bit dubious: I’m not that vain and don’t really say ‘image’ all the time, but it’s part of the HTML for putting in pictures which I didn’t manage to all strip out first.]

(And speaking of blogs, Nic is back and threatening anyone who doesn’t mention this fact with the warning that something vaguely sinister may happen ‘when you’re next walking down the street alone’. Which, to be absolutely honest, comes across as a pretty rubbish threat at the moment as the answer is quite clearly nothing at all, in Cambridge at least. It’s tempting fate in the extreme, but I just can’t quite take the imagined threat of Cambridge-based muggers and assorted street threats seriously. I mean, for god’s sake, it’s Cambridge – are you going to put on a gown first?)

Highly amusing criticism of the week, courtesy of Saoirse: “The Dominic View… forgets that there are real problems utterly unrelated to public transport.”

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OK, just one more wordle

  1. Lucy says:

    Hehe! Nice comes above happy which comes above Lucy.

    Nice happy Lucy


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