Sorry about the mess!

My room(s)

As promised, now that I (finally!) have proper Internet access I can blog a photo or two…

Sorry about the mess!

Sorry about the mess!

The, ur, antechamber

The, ur, antechamber

Although there has been a lot going on, I wish to pick one amusing highlight from the last week (aside from, y’know, the Continuing Collapse Of Global Capitalism (TM)) – the moment when I was walking home and passed a guy handing out leaflets for Henry V. (Not in a belated act of campaigning, you understand, but for the play.) He was also, at the same time, reciting lines from said play in grand Shakespearian style. Being a Londoner I put on my best ‘no I don’t want another London Lite’ face and tried to walk on by before the guy stopped me, looked directly into my eyes and declared – in the same Shakespearian manner – “but we Ken Livingstone supporters must stick together!”

It did take me a moment of wondering whether I was inadvertently wearing some giant badge before I realised that I’d campaigned with him back in April

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5 Comments on :
My room(s)

  1. Katie says:

    And you’ve messed it up already?
    The door looks like your one here

  2. Saoirse says:

    Oh my God! That guy! Awesome! How is he? What was his name again? I remember him! I am surprisingly enthusiastic about this!

  3. Lucy says:

    OMG! You live in a palace


  4. Red Dalek says:


    He is called Patrick, my programme of Henry V reminds me! (Which was excellent, btw.)

  5. Wow, I thought my room was big…

    I must say, though, it does look a wee bit like a nursing home!

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