Gon Out, Backson

Book Club sometimes has a habit of losing its literary aspirations, particularly when none of us have actually finished the book yet. Yesterday evening may have been planned to resemble a meeting but, with Sanna unable to attend, it soon turned into an excuse to have tea with Saoirse. Long-term readers will be aware that ‘tea with Saoirse’ means a great deal of political chat interspersed with only a little gossip, which is always great fun. In fact, along with Saoirse’s mum*, we talked long enough for me to receive food and wine: is my entire life just a continual cycle around the hospitality of others? (Which reminds me: you all must come over sometime! We can compare carpets.) But yes – it was not only a lovely evening but I also finally finally finally got to try out the Wii. I know this is roughly equivalent to somebody proudly announcing that he or she has just tried out this funky ‘e-mail’ thing for the first time, but better late than never.

[*There is no really satisfactory formulation of this sentence. Yes, parents are individuals too! But it’s all about context, innit?]

Anyway: I am very shortly off on holiday with Lucy! We’re going ‘up North’ – which means a bit of Yorkshire countryside as well as Leeds – and I won’t be back for a week or so. (Come to think of it, afterwards I really should be in high-powered revision mode anyway.) So please excuse my relative online absence. I’m sure I’ll still manage to Twitter…

Oh, and points for getting the title without looking it up, you literary folk.

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Gon Out, Backson

  1. Andy says:

    Omggggggg if you’re in Leeeeeeedz come see me????

  2. Helen says:

    And get the train up to Newcastle! Only an hour or so and the view of the city as you come over the Tyne makes it worth the while.
    When you get off, it gets even better!

    Anyway, have fun in God’s Own Country.

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