Revision makes life a series of exam questions

Yes, I am alive! A little worried about the short-term viability of this blog though, to be honest, because practically the only thing going on at the moment is revision, or talking about revision, or thinking about revision, or panicking about revision, etc. And one unfortunate side effect of spending your days immersed in notes, essay and past exam papers is a tendency to start to reformulate your entire life in the style of essay questions. So:

  • Account for the success of Peggle in the friendship group.
  • ‘Rambling for the first few lines in something which can only be described as drivel’. How fair is this as an assessment of Nic’s blogging style?
  • Which was more important to the success of SexFest: sex or alcohol?
  • How significant has chocolate fudge cake been for Dominic during the period 1989-2009?
  • ‘I just assumed they were a couple’. Which couple?

I worry about me

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2 Comments on :
Revision makes life a series of exam questions

  1. Lucy says:

    Now the *last* one…


  2. Andyyyyyyyy says:

    – Is there more to life asides exams?

    Yes. It’s called wine.


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