Not a footnote

Quick note to the Lib Dems

This is not a footnote:

Not a footnote

Not a footnote

Acceptable examples of footnotes include ‘still up for Friday?’, ‘sorry for being so slow to reply’ or ‘and you were rubbish in bed too’. It’s not for grandiose claims: they at least deserve a paragraph or two in the main body of the text. Did Lincoln end the Gettysburg Address with ‘P.S. We should remember that all men are created equal’? I very much think not. Did Hitler end Mein Kampf with a quick ‘And you know who I blame for all of this? The Jews…’ in the afterword?

Talking of Hitler, after watching the reassuringly awful attempt by the BNP to appeal to children, I think I have found a worthy successor to Abbi’s urge to add ‘with the furrrr’ onto the end of things. Y’see, in the video, ‘Billy Brit’ (to which one should of course add ‘the racist shit’) recites an excruciating poem celebrating his ‘heroes’ and rounding off each stanza with ‘and he was white!‘. I now have a habit of appending this to everything. To use the top BBC News headline as an example: ‘Conservative MP Bill Cash has “very serious questions to answer” about his expenses, says David Cameron. And he was white!’

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3 Comments on :
Quick note to the Lib Dems

  1. Saoirse says:

    There’s also one about communists. We smell, apparently.

  2. Red Dalek says:

    I saw this, but treated it as a great tribute to your anti-fascist work

  3. Abbi says:

    Haven’t laughed this hard at a blog from anyone in ages. I’m tempted to send Band Boy a letter just so I can add the footnote "and you were rubbish in bed anyway".

    What about if we start adding "and he was white with the furrrr!"

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