Blogging: the gap inbetween travelling

Or so it feels at the moment – I’m off to Devon tomorrow with the rest of the Selfs Selves Selfs Selves family for a week, which will be another week spent being grateful that I haven’t agreed try and squeeze a dissertation into my summer. This evening I got back from seeing Lucy on a trip which included me playing Scrabble (I came third but not last, which is what I will hold on to), many baby photos and a trip to Drayton Manor theme park. I really do hope that I never stop enjoying rollercoasters, because it really would open up a bit of a void in my schedule of experiences which justify being alive but don’t make me fatter. Really, what’s not to love?

(However – and I know I already tweeted this, but this is my blog, and I always drive to deliver true cross-platform synergy in my core online activities to enable inspirational user experiences – there is something infuriatingly niggling about a sign with physics mistakes in. At least with spelling and grammar you can console yourself that language evolves blah blah blah, but the units of acceleration are never going to evolve into those of velocity, and if you try and apply one instead of another there is a very real chance that the rollercoaster will break and kill us all. ‘G-force’ is a measure of acceleration measured in metres per second per second. Also, converting to imperial units will not magically divide this by time. That is all.)

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Blogging: the gap inbetween travelling

  1. Sanna says:

    ‘G-Force’ is suuuch a good film! Ella and I saw it in 3D last week.

    Just thought I’d bring the tone back down to something I understand


  2. Helen says:

    Yeah, I enjoyed it too, Sanna. Darwin rules!

  3. Lucy says:

    Dominic. Is that moles and beavers up there? Is this meant to be a funny joke? xxxxx

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