You’re Turning Into Ken Wayne

I haven’t blogged in an abysmally long time, and since I know for a fact that the ever-reliable Abbi will be sitting down to blog right around now, even at this late hour, I thought I would too. We’re both back from seeing Twin Atlantic (my hearing is still sub-optimal) – it really is a delight to be taken gigging by someone qualified enough to address my lifetime deficiency. One of the highlights from this evening must undoubtedly be the (multiple) attempts made by the lead singer of one of the support bands to mosh with me… it certainly made Abbi laugh

I’m also well into the swing of seeing people ‘for the last time before December’. (Nic even turned up the other week!) Joshua served up his famous pesto for Abbi, Emily, Marcus and I last night – Marcus being a familiar figure from various SexFests (or ‘New Year parties’, if you prefer) but now having moved to London properly from Greece for university. Hearing about his struggle to get his Greek qualifications recognised over here, or talking to Abbi about the seemingly endless quest to get British citizenship, always induces a mixture of pride and frustration in me. Pride that London still retains its magnetic pull across the globe – and long may it remain so – but frustration that the free movement of people is still so impaired. One day, and it might be a very long time in coming, this is going to seem as ridiculous as serfdom.

Anyway. Off to see the human being butterfly (when she runs she’s mighty fly) tomorrow, so time for sleep. Goodnight!

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2 Comments on :
You’re Turning Into Ken Wayne

  1. Abbi says:

    JOHN Wayne. You’re turning into JOHN Wayne

  2. Red Dalek says:

    I don’t forget Boris Johnson Wayne so quickly!

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