And so it begins

Just a quick dispatch this morning \ afternoon! It’s coming direct from the computer room because, alas, instant Internet connectivity at the beginning of the year still seems to be an unattainable goal. (Caius have actually instituted a shiny new system which authorises your computer online and doesn’t require any tiresome carrying-of-the-laptop-across-town anymore. Sadly, it’s crashed for the weekend.)

Nonetheless, everything is currently bright and happy and good! Our new house has the strangest interior layout you ever did see, and – very weirdly – I now have two separate rooms on my own little landing. (One is smaller, with a sink and a wardrobe.) Oliver and Abi, meanwhile, have rooms with incredibly high ceilings; Oliver in particular looks like he’s moved into a mini-cathedral. What’s really luxurious, though, is the location. I’ve always mentioned rather a few times that it’s on the same road as Sainsbury’s, but it’s also on the same road as Borders, and indeed one can walk through said bookshop as a shortcut right into the centre of town. At last!

Abi’s parents took me, Oliver and (obviously) Abi out for dinner last night, which was remarkably nice of them, especially as Abi seemed to delight in setting up points of debate. (“Argue about immigration!”) It was very civilised, however, and I am assured that I didn’t let the liberal side down over dinner – all the more notable given that Abi’s dad kept sneakily topping up my wine.

Other things of note: I’ve finally ordered a Caius hoodie (twas meant to be!) and am now technically eligible to read the Latin grace at dinner. There’s a form to fill out to let the Dean know if you want to, and attached is an FAQ covering such topics as ‘But isn’t it a bit Christian?’ – yes indeed, we are informed, and so naturally I won’t be taking part*

(*Even though I’d get a free glass of claret.)

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4 Comments on :
And so it begins

  1. Sanna says:

    Two posts in two days! You’ll be raising our expectations soon.
    Glad to hear everything’s dandy. I’d go for the claret anyway…

  2. Sanna says:

    Also, um – photos of new rooms?

  3. Andy says:

    Now you’re buying hoodies, do you want a Bradford Swimming and Waterpolo one?? :p (We have an overdraft to pay off, man).

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