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Some loose ends and short takes

– As promised, my Varsity interview with Ken is now online. Though you’ve probably seen it already, what with Twitter and Facebook and whatnot

Shark Attack 3 is by far the greatest bad film I’ve seen since Space Mutiny. A must see. (Cheers, Simon.)

– I realised I never elaborated any further on Secret Project X from a couple of posts ago. Well, I hope this illuminates:

Oliver’s Interactive Adventure

Oliver’s Interactive Adventure

I Am Geek

– Dear Newnham college: I don’t understand you. Why made it hard for people to leave the building at night? Aren’t you trying to keep people out? But on the other hand, speaking purely theroetically, surely it wouldn’t be that hard to forge a note from someone in the college in order to be let out? And anyway, what are you going to do – make us sleep on the floor?

– (I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about Sunday night, because this was the night that I beat Andrew in a race. Yes. It happened! Mr. Tillin would be so proud of me! )

– Happy anniversary, Ling!

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