Impact of YouTube on Happiness

Tasty cuisine, HD screen, shaving cream!

I’m still home off to Edinburgh! Well, via Birmingham, and shortly. First I have to decide whether to take worthy-but-hardly-thrilling reading material or just abandon of doing any work on this holiday at all and plump for a proper book. (OK, I think we all know how this is going to pan out…)

I also have to enthuse about our new TV. Unapologetically, because I actually went to the trouble to go on Omegle and ask random strangers whether it was OK to be excited about the pinnacle of clichéd of shallow consumerist acquisitions. And they gave me the all-clear. So, what’s to love? Well, what’s most to love is actually what’s coming in a week or so – courtesy of a wireless accessory – and that is YouTube direct to the TV. Now this really is worthy of excitement. Just picture your life at the moment, and then picture your life plus a sofa, a remote and Auto-Tune the News streaming in front of you. Things are better now, aren’t they? Exactly. Better. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a graph:

Impact of YouTube on Happiness

Impact of YouTube on Happiness

A roughly similar correlation also exists for Omegle, by the way. And BSG. And Jenga. And having lunch with Sanna and Saoirse!

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