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I’m home! Technically I snuck back to London tomorrow morning, but I wasn’t back in spirit until the moment this afternoon when I finally e-mailed off my final supervision essay of the term (and… hey… forever!) which I’d spent all day sitting at the dining room table writing. (Naturally, however, I had already found the time to resume Battlestar Galactica duties with Katie. Priorities, priorities.) Of course, now I’ve finally finished ‘term’ I must now turn my attention to the giant pile of ‘holiday’ work… and indeed tomorrow I’m back in Cambridge for a final supervision and library pillaging! So basically, this is my excuse for why the troublesome unpacking process might take a while this time, OK?

Lots of end of term things. Up on Blu-ray – pretty pixels! – followed by Lego Rock Band at Bill’s. I was too wimpy to take to the mike, I must admit, but I really do think this for the best. Formal at Catz with Promise which ended up with plenty of Queens Park talk, as we always always do when we’re together. It’s a bond Alice in Wonderland in 3D for Sharon’s birthday, which was the first time in my entire life when I wished that something has been just a little more surreal. (C’mon, the Mad Hatter is supposed to be actually mad, not lovable-quirky.)



And also, my nana died on Thursday. (It feels appropriate to use the same photo as before.) She had dementia, although wasn’t suffering from it for too long, and I do feel that we’d all count ourselves lucky if we had a similarly rapid decline.

I think I owe nana my love of rich tea biscuits She was lovely, although by the time I knew her had settled down somewhat in her ways. I can rewind my other grandparents back and pretty well imagine them as young adults, but not so with nana – partly because I know she kept what we would now consider the most exciting elements of her past strictly to herself!

(The last time I saw her she told me that Cambridge’s church bells were suppressed during the war.)

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Authority on Caprica

  1. helen says:

    ah, nana’s all round just seem to be incredible, sorry for your loss.
    But if she ‘escaped’ the worst of dementia then you’ll have the best of memories.

    Glad you’re working hard, but having lots of fun, too. Absolutely the right balance!
    Enjoy the (sort-of) break..

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