What I owe my mitochondria #5203*

There was a little stress to begin with, last night, as a crowd of historians began gathering in chilly conditions for the annual Caius History Society Dinner whilst I paced around declaring that I would only require two further things in life to be happy forever after: a photographer and a Radio 4 controller. Within minutes, however, they had duly both arrived and everything was set for a wonderful evening. The food was delicious, Mark’s speech was excellent – although having heard some of the feedback which Radio 4 gets direct from the controller’s mouth, I don’t think the frequently hilarious Feedback will ever hold quite the same allure again – and our Part II DoS, Emma Hunter, delivered a happy dose of embarrassment to many of us by pulling quotes direct from our personal statements. (Beware, children! They may well come back to haunt you years later!) I left the after-party sometime after 2am, although it was very much still going strong for some, feeling very pleased and content that this mini-feat of organisation had come off alright on the night. (And only a little sad that it would be my last time going to one of these… ) So… hurrah for you all!

Hmm, now to get back to all of that work I’ve been neglecting…

*Yes yes, I realise this isn’t literally true, but it’s the spirit of maternal inheritance which counts. Oh, and the number isn’t arbitrary either…

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What I owe my mitochondria #5203*

  1. Lucy says:

    What does the number mean? I am intrigued. xxxxx

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