It’s hard to say cause he’s stubborn and a pig and fights with me…

I’m not dead. Not nearly. But having now committed myself to the insane asylum (in disguise as the British Library), I’m started to ignore even my e-mails, so blogging is right off. (Not because I don’t love ya all, but because I have reached Point Crisis where social interaction is basically A Bad Thing, so I’m doing the cowardly thing and hoping that I can get to June without really looking people in the eye. “Oh, did I go quiet for a while? Whoops. All done now.”)

Nevertheless! Here is a cheerful day-by-day guide to FUN THINGS DONE:

Tuesday – Royal Courts of Justice with Sanna.

Pros? Her idea, and a genius one. Going to court for entertainment is a bit like going shopping with friends, but instead of being expensive it’s free, instead of leaving you feel a bit shallow you can pretend to be all civil-minded and serious, and – best of all – you get to hear all the little jokes made by judges about Latin.
Cons? Occasionally you have to pinch yourself to remember that you’re not in a Cambridge supervision and won’t have to answer any questions yourself.

Wednesday – Science Museum Lates with Saoirse and (gasp!) Dominic F!

Pros? Being allowed to go back into the Launchpad again – and with all of those pesky kids kicked out for good measure – do I really need to say anything more?!
Cons? Alienated one random woman on the Tube by arguing too loudly about communism.

Thursday – Camden with Saoirse, Robert, Abbi and (ooh!) the shiny new Paul.

Pros? Sangria, tapas and the fact that Paul doesn’t even bat an eyelid when pressed to describe the merits of individual Doctor Who episodes from the 1970s.
Cons? I have lost all faith that Adidas are going to take seriously my proposal for a new shoe made entirely of discarded VHS tapes.

Friday – Promise dines again with The Selfs

Pros? Mum goes all-out on a cooking extravaganza, and we all end up sitting around drinking wine and sipping tea until about 11, an over-run from our normal dining length of “about seven minutes” of several hours.
Cons? There were home-made chocolate brownies. I’m not sure there are any cons.

SaturdayDoctor Who returns!

Pros? High-definition time-lord loveliness, and even Oliver texts in his approval afterwards.
Cons? Once again The Doctor completely ignored my application to travel in the TARDIS with him. I’m starting to suspect I don’t quite look the part.

Sunday – It’s Easter, but it feels more like Christmas with a big extended family meal served up.

Pros? Lovely to see everyone! We even had a representative from the American outpost family, Sophia, who fills me with renewed hope that one day soon I will make it to California again.
Cons? I haven’t yet made it to California again.

Monday – As quite regularly happens, we all become unduly fascinated by dad’s pictorial encyclopaedia from 1957.

Pros? We now have transistors, appreciate the existence of continental plates and don’t engage in quite so dodgy racial theorising.
Cons? We haven’t achieved a state of perpetual ‘peace with our fellow man’, either. You win some, you lose some.

Today’s post title comes courtesy of All Caps, via Katie. No, Harry Potter isn’t dead either.

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It’s hard to say cause he’s stubborn and a pig and fights with me…

  1. Abbi says:

    Paul will absolutely love being described as "the shiny new Paul"!

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