Displacement activity

Since I’m currently bouncing around aimlessly – siphoning off unfinished cake from the fridge and wondering how early in the day it’s acceptable eat dinner – I might as well blog to fill the gap. My first exam is tomorrow morning, and so (in the parts of the day when I haven’t been distracted watching documentaries on the craziness of North Korea) I’ve been dedicating a little time to actually learning how to spell the names of various luminaries (Nietzsche, Humboldt, Adorno, Hamburger) who might come in useful for HAP. But basically it’s going to be left as ‘an intellectual adventure’, as various fellows have taken to calling it, which is the least comforting attempt at comfort I’ve experienced since my PE teacher sat us all down on a bench in the gym in order to deliver a stirring speech about how rugby was ‘nothing to be afraid of’.

(Don’t get me wrong – our fellows are lovely. Our DoS invited us round to her flat this lunchtime for lasagne and chocolate cake, presumably out of sympathy. ‘Graduation cocktails’ are being held out as a promise for the end, too. Anybody who thinks the collegiate university system is an outdated institution should ponder how many free graduation cocktails they’re going to get.)

Oh, and I know it’s bad form to blog about your dreams, but I really do have to applaud the careful staging which went into mine last night. You know that clever effect when you ‘wake up’ from one dream to another? Well, having ‘woken up’ from the standard dream fare (Queen’s Park at night, Tasha peering through glass windows, yada yada) into a chillingly perfect simulation of my bedroom at night, I was faced with the Doctor Who-worthy scene of a shadowy figure approaching my bed. Cautiously reaching out, our hands made contact for a couple of seconds before I jolted forward to try and apprehend said intruder… a motion violent enough, naturally, to dissolve the whole scene into the ‘real’ bedroom at night scenario, sans mysterious person. Freaky. But a good effort, brain. The next step is clearly to construct a manifestation of all of my dark thoughts into the ‘Dream Dom’ and get Toby Jones to play him.

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