And for my first adventure, a trip back in time to the 1950s!

Leaving on a jetplane

Eek: pre-travelling stress! An amorphous mass of ‘things’ have somehow (praise her holy hooves!) been miniatured and crammed into the backpack, but it’s anyone’s guess whether they will turn out to be remotely useful things, or whether I’ll ever be able to get them out again if they are, or whether if I do get them out again I’ll ever be able to cram them in again, or whether my American relatives will take one look at clothes that are composed largely of creases and disown me with disdain, and omg what on earth am I going to do with my coat when I reach California and grr I haven’t even chosen which books to take yet and crikey it might be a really good idea to check if I have any money in my account before leaving… stress.

All of which means I am unable to do justice to the SFX Weekender I’ve just come back from with Abbi, Paul and David – although luckily Abbi has already blogged in her usual masterly style. So you’ll never get to hear (at least not yet!) about mumbling lame words of star-struck gratitude to poor Steven Moffat, or the unique social history museum that is Pontin’s, or the wide range of films we enjoyed – from the laugh-out-loud terrible Skyline to the laugh-out-loud inspired Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to the really rather effective Monsters. But I will say just one thing. Until this weekend, I had never before left a party with a strange sense of being insufficiently geeky to properly fit in. If I wasn’t so busy, I expect this would trigger an identity crisis of sorts…

And for my first adventure, a trip back in time to the 1950s!

And for my first adventure, a trip back in time to the 1950s!

Despite the trials and tribulations of Pontin’s, however, we did have a lot of fun and – gloriously – it put me into a nicely relaxed mood (until tonight, obviously) about going away. Which, in case you missed it, I am doing tomorrow: to America, for a month. So, yes. Goodbye? Try not to break anything. Don’t watch too much Psychic TV. Go to school. Do protest if the government does anything stupid. Don’t capitalise the F in TfL. Do put all of your news and gossip and secrets onto Twitter so that I can stalk you all. Have fun! You get the picture… xxx

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