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Well now, isn’t the sunshine nice? It’s particularly welcome at the moment: today being a gentle recuperation after a high-stress week. Of course, not all stress is bad stress, and at least some of it has been rewarding and productive. Falling into this category was the launch of our new Groupon Getaways site at work – and I have to say, the concept of a holiday is now an especially tempting one. (Berlin, April, here we come.) And while we’re on the subject of work, I need to plug for Rodizio Rico where we had a big Getaways team night out on Thursday night. I’m not normally a massive fan of buffets, but when paired with endless meat delivered to your table all night it was gluttonous and amazing. Very indulgent, but I think we all felt it was deserved

Oh hai Prince Charles Cinema

Oh hai Prince Charles Cinema

You remember The Room, right? That fantastically awful cinematic phenomenon? Well, good, because now I don’t have to explain how excited Grace, Charlotte and I were two weekends ago to see Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero introduce a special screening at the Prince Charles Cinema. Tommy himself seemed, well, what was hopefully somewhat in-character crazy, and the film itself generated an even more raucous reaction than usual. I’ve never had to be warned “not to throw metal spoons” in a cinema before, but given the quantity of plastic which was hurled over my head I’m glad they did.

And because I don’t want you to think that I’m so jaded I can only enjoy bad things ironically, here’s something good which I very much enjoyed on its own merits: The Ladykillers. Normally I claim not to care very much about actors when watching something – if they’re any good, you should be too immersed into their characters to notice – but I have to admit that this is harder to maintain in the theatre when actions are actually there in person. And so it was particularly cool to see Peter Capaldi (who is great) do his thing as Professor Marcus (who was also great).

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  1. Red Dalek says:

    Hahaha – that video’s brilliant!

  2. The Room at PCC was fabulous – and Max made it onto the stage with Wiseau We also got to throw a ball around with him afterwards. Madness.


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