On The Lion King (mostly)

If I’m unnecessarily stressed this week, I have only myself to blame: I’ve been pouring all my spare time into a Secret Project which has led me to put on hold any plans of going out, reading, talking to people, seeking any medical attention for the cough-which-refuses-to-die or blogging. (Don’t get excited – it’s not even a Secret Project which will be of any interest beyond a very select number of people. And it is lots of fun… just demanding. Like how I imagine NaNoWriMo is.)

But good things have happened over the past month! I had drinks in the (surprisingly plain) bars of Parliament one night, which (and this is distinctively unsurprisingly) feels exactly like wandering around a Cambridge college. (I even bumped into someone else from my year at Caius… draw all the obvious conclusions you wish.) Abbi and Paul also returned from their second wedding in South Africa, so we had celebratory return pizza, and later a touristy trip to the Greenwich observatory with Jen – last seen on this blog a little over three years ago!

I also had a lovely catch-up lunch with Melissa – feeling slightly wistful that I wasn’t involved in her new and exciting projects – and spent last weekend lazing quite a bit with Grace in Warwick. And watching The Lion King at the student cinema. Which, um, was brilliant. Good children’s movies are utterly wasted on children: they totally fail to appreciate all the Hamlet allusions, and I’m pretty sure my single-digit-self was foolish enough to miss the goose-stepping Nazi hyenas entirely. If you take anything from this mess of a blog post, take from it that you should make a date to re-watch The Lion King.

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