So unimpressed

There is actually a cat in this one

Another irregular instalment of blogging! So irregular that, shocking, I neglected to mark its turning eight years old. That’s an awful lot of archives, and it would be sad to let them fade away now. So, in the last month…

  • I spent the last weekend in April staying with Tash in Manchester, which was really great fun, despite waking up at home on Saturday with a bleak hangover and having to semi-crawl out of the door. Thankfully, Tash and I were in SiblingSync™ that day, so there was lots of mutual sympathy. (Question: is the sole purpose of Browns to be a ‘fancyish’ place in university towns where visiting relatives take students?)
  • My participation in electoral democracy seems to be a miserable failure: Ken was always winning things before I started to vote for him, and now it’s Boris all the way. Again.
  • Saw Dark Shadows with Abbi and Paul, which I did enjoy despite the film’s shortcomings – it was also just lovely to see them both again. And the soundtrack got the Carpenters stuck in my head for a little while, which you can take as a positive or a negative as you wish. Remain unconvinced that the ‘VIP’ bar of the Cineworld in Wandsworth’s Southside centre would quite match the expectations of touring dignitaries.
  • We had a great team night out this week – so shout out to the wonderful Silka in London Bridge for satisfying an intense curry craving.

I should also introduce Lyra Self! Although as I am a terrible/busy person, I realised I hadn’t actually got any photos of Lyra of my own, despite her being plastered across Twitter by certain other Selfs. The following, therefore, is what inevitably happens when run downstairs wielding a camera and ask a cat to look cute on cue to meet a self-imposed blog publishing deadline: weary disdain. Thanks, Lyra.

So unimpressed

So unimpressed

(Yes, she came from the Mayhew. Obviously.)

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There is actually a cat in this one

  1. Amber says:

    Yep, bristol has a browns for that purpose too. lovely cat!

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