Boris and chums

November: Tis the season for muddy Hampstead Heath walks

More things I’ve failed to blog about:

  • Open mike comedy night at one of our many locals, way back in early October. The fact it was free matters a great deal, because the unwavering air of apology for not being funny enough is much more charming that way.
  • Alternative night for alternative people somewhere alternative in Coventry, which was alternative. Fight the power.
  • King Lear, with a certain talented actress in, which was wonderful. I’ve never seen or read King Lear before, so it felt like going to something new Shakespeare had just turned out, and Katie and I only had to Wikipedia one plot detail during the interval.
  • Dressing up as Boris for Halloween, because Boris is scary.
Boris and chums

Boris and chums

Embarrassingly, that was all October stuff. But it’s November now. Late November, even. And this month, I saw Twin Atlantic for the second time in a rather bigger venue than last time, for Abbi’s birthday, and tried to feign at least some degree of disapproval when Joshua walked off with one of the giant purple balloons which (a) is still alive and well, and (b) occupies our living room…

Oh yes, and there was election night Can it really be four years since the last time I stayed up to make 100% sure the thing we knew was going to happen actually happened?

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