Tree, topped by pig

Christmas Cheer and 2012 Resolutions Update

Tree, topped by pig

Tree, topped by pig

It’s Christmas! Well, close enough – it’s ‘December’ anyway – which means there’s even less time to do everything than the the other 11 months. For some reason, and I blame woefully inadequate photographic equipment and a stubborn refusal to use Instagram filters, our very beautiful Christmas tree doesn’t quite do itself justice in photos. So you can just believe me when I say that it is, indeed, beautiful.

In the last few weeks there’s been the Ra Ra Retro Christmas Party (on a boat!), Simon’s Christmas party in Cambridge (with plentiful parlour games!), Groupon’s Christmas party (with scurrilous gossip!) and still we’re not done: plenty more mulled wine still left to drink before 2012 is done. I also saw The Hobbit with the family, which has got me super-excited (yes, I’m saying ‘super-excited’ a lot at the moment, and it’s got to stop) about the next two instalments. Presumably after that they’ll have to film, ur, The Silmarillion?

Now also might be a good time to review last year’s New Years resolutions, which I’ve never done before but actually worked out quite well for 2012:

I will read more books than last year, again.

Achieved! Totally, legitimately, absolutely achieved, with no cheating of the figures or rushing at the end. In 2011 I read 22 books. In 2012, assuming I don’t flake out on Jane Eyre at the end, it will be at least 25. Win.

I will not keep conveniently forgetting that I’m supposed to be flat hunting.

Also achieved! I mean, not only did I not forget, I actually went out and did it. Win x2.

I will sign up to Code Year and learn something new.

Mostly achieved. I definitely signed up, and kept with it throughout most of the year. And although I’ve dropped off a bit recently, I learnt something new and got the chance to put bits of it into practice at work. So I’m counting that as a win, too.

Still undecided about next year. So at my current rate of blogging, you should hear about it sometime around March. Ahem.

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