Michele and Tash in the odd mirrored room at Silka

White tulips

The past couple of weeks have been pretty serene, with Michele (mostly) in the UK and happy to partake in gentle pleasures like drinking beer with dad, Indian takeaway, going for tea-fuelled walks across Hampstead Heath and – ahem – watching a bucketload of Doctor Who. Going back and watching lots of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant was rather wonderful, actually, and forms part of a determined experiment in how quickly one can cultivate a true fan

We also had a very Londony night with Tash, strolling along the Thames after a reliably delicious meal at Silka. And soon afterwards Katie had also packed her bags and headed north to Durham, but not before we could have a farewell burrito and conclude our Fringe odyssey which began (my blog’s archives inform me) almost exactly two years ago. (Goodbye, Fringe! You were silly at times and definitely peaked around the Series 3 mark, but I will miss your life lessons like “always walk into any situation with a gun” and “any piece of technology can be quickly rewired to do anything else”.) Oh, and while we’re itemising everything by meal, I also very much enjoyed Swedish meatballs at Sanna and Sarah’s flat, which was only troubled by a chilling hole in their Harry Potter collection(!)

Michele and Tash in the odd mirrored room at Silka

Michele and Tash in the odd mirrored room at Silka

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