The Green Line

Green Line

The Green Line

The Green Line

27th June 2014
Dominic to Nolan, 22:48:

Picked Green Line at random to drink because it had a cute CTAish name. This was a mistake.

Nolan to Dominic, 22:50:

Ahhhh. What stop are you at?

Nolan to Dominic,, 22:50:

If you are headed to Oak Park I would ride all the way to there.

Dominic to Nolan, 22:51:

Haha, I meant Green Line the pale ale!

Nolan to Dominic, 22:51:

Ooooohhh. Okay. You’re not on the cta.

Nine months later and I’m on the Green Line for real, heading south. There’s a longish stretch – between Cermak and Bronzeville, I think – where the train sways alarmingly from side to side as it picks up speed. I’m unnaturally and unnecessarily aware of my surroundings. No phone and no headphones. I get off at 43rd. It’s a very, very short walk to where I’m going. 0.3 miles, according to Google Maps. I know because I looked it all up in advance to memorise the route. But it’s nice to be here. The homes are beautiful.

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