Racing for the galaxy with Jason, Carrie and Randi

Vamos, Bailemos Ya!

Today’s utterly unhelpful and unconnected post title is brought to you by the delightful discovery that it is possible to listen to a cover of Shut Up and Dance in Spanish! So go do that right now.

Since coming back from London, the top priority has been been finding a new apartment (check) followed by persuading someone else to live with me and Randi (check), filling out apartment-acquiring paperwork (check) and persuading utility companies that I am a real person (in progress*). In the meantime we said goodbye to Todd and Carl from Groupon (if I weren’t so reserved, I would just crawl under a table and weep) and Catherine from Chicago (ditto, although since she’s going to war to fight the Trump nightmare, it’s also comforting).

Racing for the galaxy with Jason, Carrie and Randi

Racing for the galaxy with Jason, Carrie and Randi

Also: Lauri and Calvin both had birthday parties, plus Randi and I had consecutive weekends with Jason and Carrie to brunch and play Race for the Galaxy. It’s an excellent card game which Katie got me for my birthday and, despite initially seeming like the most complicated thing in the world, is actually very easy to pick up and play. (Not so easy to beat Jason and win as of yet, but I’ll keep trying.)

Not being people who watch a lot of films, we were slightly at a loss for next steps after deciding on a whim to watch ‘something’ last weekend. After lazily searching for ‘IMDB top movies’ (not really giving the collective wisdom of the crowd much to work with) we ended up with 12 Angry Men, which is a justified classic and makes me impatient to be called for jury service. (Note to the UK: I’m willing to fly home for it.) Jason tells us there’s a Chinese remake – 12 Citizens – in which students at a law school hold a mock jury trial as part of a Western law class. Take that, dramatic tension.

Tomorrow I’m off to Tokyo! ??

(*Sure, it’s slightly annoying to spend one lunchtime queuing up at the sole open counter of an ‘alternative financial services‘ establishment, just for the privilege of paying a registration fee and having my passport scanned. A registration fee to be paid in cash, note, which requires use of the cashpoint in the corner for a $2.75 surcharge. But whatever, it’s a one-time thing. It’s much more sobering to be stood behind folks who are just there to cash regular cheques and buy regular bus passes. It’s obscene, really, to have a financial system which makes the act of using money more expensive for those with least to start with.)

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