A roughly geographical collage of states

25 States

A roughly geographical collage of states

A roughly geographical collage of states

After my visit to New Mexico last weekend, I have now reached the halfway mark on my scratch mappable journey around the US states. To clarify (because rules are important) a state is considered ‘visited’ once I have:

  1. Spent a night in that state
  2. Done so after starting this blog
  3. Made an effort

(Rule #3 is obviously ambiguous, but exists to stop ‘sleeping overnight in an airport’ or ‘being locked up in a conference room but not actually seeing anything’ from counting towards the total.)

To be sure, there are limits to this approach. State boundaries don’t actually correspond to cultural ones very well, and the places which I am inclined to visit (New York City, Austin, New Orleans) are often entirely atypical of the state around them. I haven’t checked, but I imagine that almost all of the counties pictured above were won by Hillary Clinton… obviously, this is not the full picture. And yet, following these silly and arbitrary rules has produced an amazing set of memories across a wildly diverse country. Plus a much better sense of geography!

I can’t promise I’ll get to 50 anytime soon, but the quest continues…

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25 States

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