SyncMarks – A great extension for Firefox

Simple problem – since I’m now regularly using both IE and Firefox – how do I keep my bookmarks the same? It’s infuriating to bookmark a page in one browser and then not have it available in the next. (Hopefully Firefox will at some point be able to use Windows folders as bookmark folders and then the whole problem wouldn’t exist…)

The solution? Use SyncMarks. It’s still in beta and the most useful features are not available yet, but it’ll do for now. It can do lots of other clever synchronisation things that I’m not interested in, but what’s useful to me is that the extension automatically copies your Firefox bookmarks to your Favourites folder, so at least they are now half-in-sync! (Merged Bookmarks is on the way, fingers crossed…)

Talking of Firefox, I’ve just been very geeky and done lots of tweaking to get it almost looking and feeling exactly like IE.

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